Private Lessons
We offer hour-long, private lessons in voice, piano, violin, and from day one it is our personal goal to help you achieve your goals. We are not only your music teachers, we are are also your coach, your mentor, and your biggest fan. Our greatest desire is to see you succeed in all you set out to do with us. 

Lessons meet weekly. Contact us for pricing. 

When you sign up for weekly lessons and choose your lesson time, you are reserving that specific lesson time for each occurrence of that time in a month. Once you reserve a lesson time, that time is yours and you are expected to pay for it even if you need to miss a week. The only exceptions to this are the holidays listed on our policy page.

Lessons are to be paid for in full at the first lesson of each month. Should you miss a lesson for any reason, you have the opportunity to attend our monthly, master-class style, make up lesson.

If you are an adult who travels often for work or a student looking to take just a few lessons to prepare for an audition or role in a production, you may choose to sign up for "a la carte" lessons - lessons scheduled intermittently per your schedule instead of a regular, weekly time. These lessons are scheduled in available times around the regular, weekly student schedule, and payment for the lesson is due at the lesson.

We strongly encourage making a long-term commitment to lessons in order to develop skills and get the results you want. 

Please check out our policy page HERE to find more detailed information on payment options, missed lessons, studios holidays, etc. 

Sample of skills and techniques covered in lessons

       • Voice - Beginner through Advanced levels, Vocal Health, Breath Support, Placement, Resonance, Tone, Diction, Range, Audition                          Prep and Performance Techniques

       • Piano - Beginner & Intermediate levels, Reading Music, Scales, Chords, Theory, Improvisation, Sight Reading

       • Violin - All levels of violin, taught by the masterful Enion Pelta-Tiller.    
       • Songwriting - Song Structure, Chordal movement, Theory, Melody Lines, Writing Creative Lyrics, Arrangements,
                              Voicing, Storylines
  All students are expected to perform in student recitals. We have 2 recitals a year, one in the spring, one in the fall. A recital fee will be charged to each student (per recital); students are required to pay the recital fee at the beginning of the recital month.

  Learning an instrument is a skill that takes time and commitment.  Weekly lessons allow us the time to focus on correct technique, 
  explore performance skills, and develop a breadth of repertoire, but your daily practice time is where you apply what we do in lessons so
  that long-term growth and development may occur and become second nature to you. We cannot over emphazise the importance of
  practice time. We recommend at least 30 minutes of focused practice each day. If you are motivated and hard working, then you will go
  far and see the results you desire. 

Please check out our policy page HERE to find information on payment options, what do to if you are going to miss a lesson, studios holidays, etc. 

Colorado All-State Choir Preparation
Each year I help students who are interested in the Colorado All State Choir prepare for their audition, and I have had several students be accepted.  We work on sight reading skills, aural recall, scales (major/minor/chromatic), intonation and an appropriate audition piece.  If you are interested in this, please let me know as soon as possible so we can begin preparing accordingly.   

The 2018-2019 Colorado All State Choir TBD. For more details and to register for an audition, visit 

Theatre Audition Prep Coaching
Hour long coaching sessions for students and adults who are preparing for theatre/musical theatre auditions, or working on developing a character for which they've been cast. I have 20+ years of theatrical experience, and many of my students have been offered major or minor roles in the productions they auditioned for, including parts in Mulan, Seussical, The Lion King, Shrek, Bring it On!, Annie and Little Shop of Horrors to name a few. Some of my students also have successfully auditioned for regional performing arts schools, including the Denver Center for Performing Arts.

Studio Recording Sessions for Students
Students have the opportunity to create professional level demo CDs at Love Music Studios!
This opportunity gives students the chance to experience working in a live recording studio, learn the basics about recording an album, and walk away with a professional CD.  A demo cd is typically 3 songs. Please inquire for more details including scheduling and cost.