Private Lessons
We offer private lessons in voice, piano, guitar, mandolin, violin and viola and from day one it is our personal goal to help you achieve your goals.  If you are motivated and hard working, then you will go far.  I am not only your music teacher, I am also your coach, your mentor, and your biggest fan.  My greatest desire is to help you get to the next level, rather than just settle for how much you've already grown.  

Sample of skills and techniques covered in lessons

       • Voice - Beginner through Advanced levels, Vocal Health, Breath Support, Placement, Resonance, Tone, Diction, Range, Audition Prep and Performance

       • Piano - Beginner & Intermediate levels, Reading Music, Scales, Chords, Theory, Improvisation, Sightreading

       • Guitar - Beginner & intermediate guitar including TAB, Picking patterns, Strum patterns, Scales, Chord progressions, Theory

       • Mandolin - Beginner mandolin including TAB, Picking patterns, Strum patterns, Scales, Chord progressions, Theory

       • Violin/Viola - Beginner through Advanced levels, Reading Music, Scales, Chords, Theory, Improvisation, Sightreading
       • Songwriting - Song Structure, Chordal movement, Theory, Melody Lines, Writing Creative Lyrics, Arrangements,
                                   Voicing, Storylines

              Monthly Lessons    
                      Tuition for the month is due at the FIRST lesson of each month.
                       This reserves a specific time slot for you each week.

                       STUDENT RECITALS:
                       All students are expected to perform in student recitals. We have 2 recitals a year, one in the spring, one in the fall. A
                       recital fee of $25 will be charged to each student (per recital); students are required to pay the recital fee at the beginning
                       of the recital month.

Monthly  (4 lessons) A la Carte *
            Per lesson    Total
 30 min  $30...............$120
 45 min   $45..............$180
 60 min   $60..............$240

 30 min    $35   
 45 min     $50
 60 min    $65

                            *A la carte rates are intended for new students taking one or two lessons to determine whether to move
                            forward with continuous lessons. After the first one or two, we request monthly  payment in advance
                            for lessons.

Learning an instrument is a skill that takes time and commitment.  Continuous lessons allow us the time to focus on and perfect techniques, performance skills, and develop a breadth of repertoire. We strongly encourage making a long-term commitment to lessons in order to develop skills and get the results you want. 

Colorado All-State Choir Preparation
Each year I help students who are interested in the Colorado All State Choir prepare for their audition, and I have had several students be accepted.  We work on sight reading skills, aural recall, scales (major/minor/chromatic), intonation and an appropriate audition piece.  If you are interested in this, please let me know as soon as possible so we can begin preparing accordingly.   

The 2016-2017 Colorado All State Choir TBD. For more details and to register for an audition, visit 

Studio Recording Sessions for Students
Students now have the opportunity to create professional level demo CDs at Love Music Studios!
This opportunity gives students the chance to experience working in a live recording studio, learn the basics about recording an album, and walk away with a professional CD.  A demo cd is typically 3 songs.

Piano/guitar & vocal demo:
$75/song   -OR-   3 songs for $180     
*Cost does not include accompanist fees for live accompanist
Solo Piano/Guitar only:

Audition Prep Coaching (Theatre)
Hour long coaching sessions for students and adults who are preparing for theatre/musical theatre auditions, or working on developing a character they've been cast as. I have 20+ years of theatrical experience, and many of my students have been offered major or minor roles in the productions they auditioned for. Some of my students also have successfully auditioned for regional performing arts schools.