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Harmony & Duet Singing Class 
Start Date: Feb 21, 2016
For teenagers to adults who love to sing and are interested in learning new songs and to sing in harmony. We will learn several songs and their harmonies together, explore the nature of harmony and duet singing, touch on some vocal techniques, as well as do some fun vocal exercises to help develop a better ear for pitch, harmony and being able to hold your part against someone else's part.  

6 session class; Sunday afternoons from 1:30-3pm.
Fall Class Dates:
Oct 16, 30  
Nov 5, 20 
Dec 4, 18
We will finish on Dec 18 with a holiday gathering followed by caroling. This is a treat, and I guarantee you will have a blast! 
Tuition: $60
Drop-in fee for friends to join you: $15 

Mommy & Me Toddler Music Class! 
None currently running. If you and a few mommy friends are interested in doing this with your kids, contact us to get a class started! 
This is an interactive class, so moms are asked to participate with their kids through the class. It's great for bonding as the really little ones need their mom's help for activities. Class ages range from 10 months to 4 years, which creates a high-energy, non-competitive atmosphere where your little one can feel safe and have a ton of fun! 
Together we will explore everything from sounds, words, pitch, and melody to tempo, rhythm and dynamics, through music and movement. Activities are geared for toddlers and include everything from movement and rhythm games, to singing songs, dancing, and exploring different rhythm instruments like shakers, tambourines and blocks.

Not only is music a fun thing to participate in (for kids and adults!), but it also plays a major role in a child's development - in everything from language development, literacy and mathematics to fine motor coordination, self-confidence and awareness, and better social skills. This is a class that will help your child develop into the best version of him/herself that he/she can be. 
This class will run for 8 weeks:
Tuition: $85 
Drop-in fee for friends to join you: $15

Homeschool Music Classes
Group classes for local homeschool groups in a variety of topics. I tailor these classes to your group's specific learning needs and wants.
Previous class topics include: 

  • general music education,
  • music history (of varying cultures and times, tailored as needed),
  • songwriting,
  • group guitar or singing,
  • music theory.

Priced determined by class.  Contact Andrea if you are interested in a class for your homeschool group/community. 

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